Have you recently experienced a critical, life changing event? Are your usual coping mechanisms being challenged as you try to manage this difficult period? Is your level of distress interfering with your usual life activities and responsibilities?

Our services are designed to help you to identify the most effective problem solving and coping strategies available to resolve or ease your crisis. We work with people who have been impacted by events such as:

Grief and Loss
Traumatic Life Incidents
Life Transitions
Marital and Family Conflict
Relationship and Divorce Recovery

In addition to working with individuals, couples and families, we also provide crisis support and consulting services to Austin area business impacted by loss, critical incidents and change (Please visit our business/corporate services website cohenassociatespa.net for more information on 24/7 grief, crisis management and related business services).

Timely and effective support and intervention services can positively influence the outcome of your crisis and lessen its impact upon your mood, interpersonal relationships, family and work life, as well as your general health status. We strive to return these to pre-crisis levels (or better) as quickly as possible.

Our Special Program For Traveling Professionals:

If business travels or personal obligations limit your ability to attend regular office sessions, your therapy may be supplemented with telephonic and online video sessions, if deemed appropriate for your situation. This can provide a continuous, forward-moving counseling experience and support during your absences.

For all Psychotherapy on Board services, you must have a strong desire to meet your goals. If a remote therapy component is part of your therapy, a particularly clear commitment to the process of counseling is needed. In turn, you will find that our highly seasoned therapists will always maintain the same professional relationship with you that you would receive in a traditional, "office-based-only" therapy.

Please call 512-551-0334 or email today, to determine the ways that we might be able to assist you.