About the Founder:

Roberta Cohen believes that for a successful psychotherapy experience to occur, several conditions must coexist. First, the client must have sufficient motivation and readiness to address his/her personal life challenges. Second, the psychotherapist must have the skill to assist the client in identifying the psychological and social issues at the core of the difficulties being experienced. And lastly, the therapeutic relationship must feel safe and supportive, so that the client can freely explore their struggles and possible solutions.

With over thirty years of experience, Roberta works with adults experiencing psychological conflict (often with symptoms of depression, fear or anxiety), that has been triggered by a wide range of life experiences and situations (such as relationship and family crises, conflicts at work, exposure to a traumatic events, life transitions or illness and disability). She developed Psychotherapy on Board to address the geographic and situational obstacles that can interfere with a continuous psychotherapy experience. She also provides traditional, office based therapies (without remote sessions) for those able to attend regular office sessions or when Psychotherapy On Board is contraindicated. Additionally, Roberta consults with corporations at times of crisis and at critical organizational junctures.

Roberta received her Master of Social Work from Michigan State University and is Licensed in the State of Texas as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, the Employee Assistance Professionals Association and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

About Psychotherapy On Board Associates:

Several Austin based psychotherapists participate in Roberta's Psychotherapy On Board service. These clinicians have ten or more years of clinical experience and are licensed by the State of Texas. They additionally are comfortable with the technology that makes audio and video assisted remote sessions possible.